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Orientation Day

on November 6, 2012

Our very own Princess Megan headed off to big school for Kindergarten Orientation today.

Her two buddies had made and mailed her an invitation, explaining how the session would work and how excited they are to be meeting her & showing her around.

She met them by coincidence on Thursday last week, when I was on canteen & she disappeared into the year 5 classroom with them for the day. So I know I didn’t really have to worry about her today. Before we left home she said to me “Mum, I know my way around the school already.” See? She’ll be ‘right!

Ready to go Mum!

Jacaranda trees in full bloom along the walk to school


more pretties along the way


Megan was met by her buddies and taken off to the Kindergarten classroom to meet the current Kindy teacher (who may or may not be the Kindy teacher next year, student numbers & hence teacher numbers are changing so who’s teaching what is yet to be set in stone). There are only 18 students for Kindy next year, so I’m sure she will settle in easily. Her friend Daniel from preschool will be with her. They are so cute, we catch them holding hands often!

I am relieved she has someone familiar to be with. She had two best friends to be starting school with & then we moved away. She misses them and they miss her. But one of the families has been to visit already. And their orientation starts later this week, so I will hear from their Mums how they went. It feels so weird not being with them, having spent the last 5 years knowing we would be holding each other’s hand. But like I said to one of my friends, I put on my big girl panties & off I went. And it was great.

coming back to me at the end, with one of her buddies



today’s art + a thank you card from one of her buddies

They only have one “orientation” session, however we have 4 afternoons open to us to bring our kids to school for a craft session with their buddies, where they will make Christmas decorations.

We’ve already bought Megan’s school uniform, so bring on February, we are ready for you! (But I plan to enjoy the time quickly slipping away before then).

How are/were you when your kids went to Kinder orientation?


Karen xx







One response to “Orientation Day

  1. bek says:

    I was an absolute wreck with my eldest, I think i cried every day for a week, My next at school was easier, she was sooooooo ready! The next will be arriving any day so i will get back to you in five years or so!
    I knew Megan would have a great day, where has the time gone? She looks so grown up. There will be tears here when she puts on her uniform and heads off for real. Xoxo

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