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What is Beef Bonanza? (our weekend Part Two)

on November 5, 2012

Beef Bonanza is what you (meaning I) would call a 3 day showing of all things beef.

prize ribbon on display “backstage” at our schools’ holding stalls


You know when you go to the Easter Show and the “country” shows & there is cattle judging? Have you ever wondered where those entrants come from? Or who those entrants are? And who would choose a career as a cattle judge? (Just as a side note, I have a step cousin who is a wool grader – his job is to grade the wool off the sheep. It’s grade determines what it can be used for. Or something like that).

Beef Bonanza is like a mini show (for the citified people), but for the country people, it’s quite an important event. There were the local primary and high schools plus schools from other country towns, like Tamworth and Coonabarabran. I’m talking schools that have livestock on school grounds. In that the steers live at the school & the kids are tending to them as part of the course they are studying. These kids get to learn everything they need to know about beef. From raising cattle to parading to judging both live and slaughtered steers. With the schools my own kids are at, the primary school doesn’t have the facilities to house the steers, so they are kept at the high school, where the agriculture students are looking after them. The primary kids who nominated to participate head over there each weekend to learn the skills they need to know. I imagine the same thing goes on at other schools.

behind the scenes


Megan & I got to watch the 6-10 year old & 11-12 year old kids lead their steers. Meaning they paraded them around the ring to be judged. But in this event, it wasn’t the cattle being judged, it was the kids. On how well they were able to control their 400-500kg beast. Some of these kids are shorter than their steer. And they look so gorgeous trying to smile for the judges whilst trying to keep them in line.

these are two of the kids & steers representing the primary & high school our kids are at

Megan’s buddy took her to pat her steer before parading

Megan’s buddy parading

What we saw was just one component of Beef Bonanza. The high school kids paraded on Sunday. There is junior judging, where the kids get to judge the steers. These are the kids who could go on to be judges at major shows. This is the kind of place they learn how to do it.

Another group of students head over to Primo. You’ve all heard of Primo meats & smallgoods, yeah? Well, they’re slaughteryard is here in Scone. The kids get to judge the hanging carcasses for meat quality. Again, this stuff needs to be learned somewhere & again it’s something that probably would never cross the minds of we “city slickers”. I didn’t head out there, so have no photos to share from there. But next time you tuck into a beef steak or sausage, I’ll bet you think of me!

There are proper photos on Beef Bonanza’s website here, and a list of events if any of you would like the official version of what happens. But I hope you’ve enjoyed my version, think of me as your own personal tour guide.

Next weekend I am hoping to get to the Hungry Devil BBQ & Family Fun Day, so keep your eyes peeled for more of my posts.

And I’d love it if you would leave me a comment about what you’ve been doing.


Karen xx



One response to “What is Beef Bonanza? (our weekend Part Two)

  1. bek says:

    I love that you can see miss megans smile even though you cant see her face! One more to tick off the list! Keep them coming, i can live through your adventures whilst i am almost attached to my lounge….lol. Nothing exciting here….just waiting. I got to leave the house over the weekend to deliver some invites. Keep an eye out for your postie! Xoxo

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