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Outdoor Movie Night

on November 4, 2012

So another weekend has flown past. Do you know that there are only 7 more until Christmas? Weekends that will get busied up with end of year celebrations, graduations, Christmas parties and presentations. But that’s not just weekends is it? Looking at our schedule, most of them are happening on weekdays and nights. Which leaves our weekends for more exploring – yay!!!!

Friday night saw me taking the younger two kids to the local public primary school to watch a movie outdoors. Liam wanted to take a friend from school so the Mum came to, as we hadn’t met before & both thought it was a great way to get to know each other.

Playstation on the big screen


Inflatable screen – what a great idea!

Megan snuggled in my jacket


We took our picnic blankets, jackets & snacks & made ourselves comfy. Prior to the movie the kids could play Playstation games on the big screen, the P&C ran a BBQ, and canteen was selling popcorn & drinks. And there was a coffee van, much appreciated, thank you for thinking of everything.


And of course we thought “our school should do this!”. And I’ve been thinking, there are 4 schools  in this town, there are 4 terms in the school year – maybe they could work together & have 1 night each during the year to host a movie night. In the cool or wet weather it could be held in the school hall. Given that the movie theatre is an hour’s drive south. Or 90 mins north. Take your pic. But what a great way to foster some community spirit. And they charged a hell of a lot less than cinemas do too.

Part Two of our weekend saw Megan & I head off to White Park for Beef Bonanza. The same place that we watched the Cutting Horse event last weekend. But that’s a whole other post for me to write about tomorrow!

Care to share what you did this weekend?

Karen. xx


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