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Our Weekend – Part Three

on October 31, 2012

Sunday saw us head 2 hours south-east to Raymond Terrace for the boys to compete in their first taekwondo tournament.

Zac won his first bout

2nd bout, defeated in this one

a bit blurry, but caught them both airborne

3rd place – Yay!

Zac did really, really well, enjoyed his first bite at tournament life & came home with third place in his division. Awesome job!

Later in the day it was Liam’s turn:

Liam with the red head gear

he got some good contacts in

unfortunate not to win. notice the  height difference with him & his opponent?

Liam was quite disappointed not to win his bout. “I didn’t wait for 5 hours to lose”. Yes, it was a 5 hour wait by the time they got to his category. He should be holding his head high, because it was his first attempt, his opponent was bigger & older than him & he only lost by 2 or 3 points. He tried his hardest to get inside the other guy’s reach, but just couldn’t get through. But it was still a very close fight.

Personally, I struggled with the day. Their usual taekwondo has a “stop at the uniform” policy, so this was the first time they had been in full fight mode. I struggle with the idea of fighting. I wondered if everyone would stick to the rules. They were my babies going in there. Wanting the win just as much as their opponent.

hate seeing men fight. I saw one of the Scone guys really struggling to stay on his feet, almost unconscious. I wondered at what point does the referee stop a fight? In another bout I heard myself call out “stop, stop” before I realised the words had even left my mouth. Two of the fights, I sat with my back turned. I couldn’t watch. I felt sick.

I saw kids sparring with tears running down their faces because they copped a hit to the face. I saw a kid get winded 3 times in the one round, yet kept going whilst crying.

I wondered is its cruel to put kids in a situation like that? Or do these kids just need to remember to keep their guard up to defend better? Am I bad parent for “letting” our boys do this?

But they wanted to.  And they want to do it again. Surely as a parent, I have to support the kids in this. But enough guilt. Let’s look at the other bits I enjoyed on the day.

The smaller kids looked so cute competing in the sword discipline, with what looked light foam light sabres! I’m sure you can imagine kids aged 6 & 7 playing Star Wars. They were having so much fun! And they weren’t crying. Or getting hurt.

The sumo wrestling was fabulous. I’ve never paid enough attention to it before to know the rules. Kids of all ages entered this discipline & they also had heaps of fun with it.

Grappling. I was only half watching this because Liam’s bout was on at the same time, but what I did see was controlled movements. Which put my mind at ease over the risk of neck injuries. Sometimes at the end of the boys’ regular taekwondo training session they are let loose to wrestle & I have a real beef with that. Because they are not trained in how to do it. It only takes one over zealous, untrained movement to do some permanent damage. So I was pleased to see the professionalism of the grappling competitors. If it’s done well, it’s a great spectator sport in that you can learn the rules by watching. A bit like a rugby union game. (I never understood the rules until I saw a really good game on tv & now it all makes sense!).

I am super proud of both Zac and Liam for their efforts on the day. But I hope the next tournament is not soon. Lol!

And that, along with Part One & Part Two, was our weekend! What did you get up to?

Karen xx


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