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Our Weekend – Part One

on October 29, 2012

We’ve just finished a really busy weekend and I’m breaking it into 3 parts for easier reading. And so I can include more photos. Because it’s so much nicer to be able to see what we’re doing, rather than me just bore you with babble.

Part One saw us venture out to Cutting Horse in Scone. No, it wasn’t a visit to the abattoir to watch horses being chopped up. It was a competition hosted by the Upper Hunter Cutting Horse Club, here in the Stock Horse Capital of Australia.

Start with a horse, rider & a herd of cattle

starting to “cut” the herd

one has been “cut” from the herd

reins are slackened by the rider, it is up to the horse to keep the beast separate from the rest of the herd

getting the surface ready for the next category

I had to chuckle – “spectator uniform” – all except a few of us were in collared shirts and akubra hats.

there’s spurs on those boots!

competitors waiting for their turn.

To score, all competitors start with 2.5 minutes on the clock and a set amount of points. They then earn or lose points according to their successes and errors. The round we watched was won by a woman with 145.5 points. Second place was 145 points & third place 144 points. So every second and every movement counts.

The weather was a perfectly sunny 25 degrees with a nice breeze to stop us getting too hot. I could have stayed for hours watching (it’s a 2 day event), but someone was bored.

Insert whinge of choice here…!

So after I’d seen what I wanted to see, we bundled ourselves back into the car & headed for The Washpools for our picnic lunch and some exploring. And that’s tomorrow’s post.

Karen xx


2 responses to “Our Weekend – Part One

  1. Bek says:

    I cant believe miss m was bored and whinging! Thanks for sharing…. Xoxo

  2. […] that, along with Part One & Part Two, was our weekend! What did you get up […]

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