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The Christmas Cake Post

on October 25, 2012

Have you ever made a Christmas cake? 

For many years it was my job to bring the fruit cake on Christmas Day. Which we celebrate with my side of the family. We celebrate with Ray’s side on Christmas Eve, the European way. (I married into an Austrian family). And his Mum makes a fabulous fruit cake!

So you are waiting for my recipe, aren’t you?

I never said I made the cake, I only said it was my job to bring it. I always bought a Lion’s Club Christmas cake to take. And no, I didn’t pass it off as my own. That would involve taking it out of the box & presenting it on some gorgeous platter. Here’s a tip ladies – it transports easier in its box! So they all knew I was bringing a bought cake and no they didn’t mind. At least they knew it would taste okay! (Just between you and me, as much as I like to swan around the kitchen & play at cake baking, I’m actually quite crap at it. Just today, I had two attempts stick to their pans. But I quickly turned them into something resembling cake pops. Without the sticks.).

So. I thought this year I might continue playing the Betty Homemaker role & bake the Christmas cake. We are away from family this year, there are less people who will have to taste it! My household is used to baked foods that began as something else.

So, if you have a really really really easy peasy recipe that you use, please share it with me. I would much rather attempt one that somebody I know has already successfully made, than go googling & take pot luck. Lord knows that what comes out of my kitchen is pot luck enough!

Please rescue me!



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