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The Day the Washing Machine Died

on July 19, 2012

And I am singing Bye Bye my Whirlpool, Bye.
Trusted you, busted you,
No, you did that, WHY?

Them good old days when we could trust an appliance,
You had to break in an act of defiance.

RIP Washing Machine. Purchased Nov 2011. Yep folks, last year. It’s 8 months old.

It is now 7 days since I rang the customer service line to report a problem with my washing machine. I still have not had any of the 3 promised return phone calls.

The local warranty repairer has stopped working with Whirlpool because their parts are to hard to get.

So there is nobody who can fix it under warranty in whatever radius they use.

Yesterday I resorted to hand washing. For a family of 5. Fun much? Ah, nup.

Yesterday I also resorted to buying a new machine machine. Not a Whirlpool.

Lat night and this morning see me happily washing loads and loads of clothes & towels.

This morning also saw me back on the phone to Whirlpool customer service (who have been very polite and apologetic, just not good at carrying out promises). They want to replace my machine. TOO LATE BUSTER!! I will have a refund instead please.

I wonder how long it will take…………..

Have you ever had anything replaced or repaired under warranty?

Yours in washing heaven,

Karen xx



2 responses to “The Day the Washing Machine Died

  1. Bek Williams says:

    They dont make them like they used to! Wow! Glad you have been promised a refund.Tell us about your new machine?

  2. rambling mum says:

    It's a Fisher & Paykel & I have been giving it a good workout! It's awesome!

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