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Winner Announced – Cocoon Grid-IT Winner

on July 18, 2012

This prize is unclaimed as at 28/07/2012. New winner is Lisa W.

To find out more about the Grid-IT, check out Cocoon Bags Australia’s Facebook page for some inspiring ideas! I am STILL in love with mine. Don’t forget they come in a range of sizes and colours, to suit everyone’s needs.

contents not included, sorry! they are my personal items!

The winner of the super awesome Cocoon Grid-IT is:


with the following entry:

With three kids aged seven and under
My handbags a mess, is it any wonder?
There’s the youngest one’s dummies and snacks
For when those tantrums or munchies attacks
There’s notepads and pens, hair ties and keys
Nail scissors, chewing gum, and tissues for when I sneeze
As you can see, I really need this little device
So when I open up my handbag instead of a mess, it’ll look nice!

Congratulations, the poetry won us over!

Please send me an email at with your postage address to claim your prize by 21/07/12.

Have a fabulous day everyone!

Karen xx


One response to “Winner Announced – Cocoon Grid-IT Winner

  1. Bek Williams says:

    Congratulations, i loved the poem, it was very clever!

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