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What made my handbag (and me!) happy (it’s a giveaway)

on July 10, 2012

This competition is now closed.

Hands up if you have a handbag with all sorts of bits & pieces rolling around in the bottom of it.
Hands up if you waste time searching for a pen. Or your lipstick. Or your phone charger. Or your phone.

Since my last blog post we have moved. And my handbag has been a magnet for many bits & pieces that just need shoving somewhere “because we will need it when we get there”. And paperwork.

So when given the chance to road test the new Cocoon Grid-IT, I said yes please (or words to that effect). This little baby will let me keep my bits & pieces separate to everyone else’s bits & pieces in my bag. And it’s PINK!!!!

Here’s what’s in mine:

I really like that I can just pull it out of my bag & feel quite posh whilst I make my selection of what I would like. I didn’t put my phone in it because I have quite a large phone (old eyes need big screens lol) so I keep it in a separate compartment in my bag.

The back has a zippered compartment, fabulous if you have a hubby like mine who is known to sometimes raid my purse for cash instead of stopping at the ATM on his way to work. Especially when I have the exact denominations I need for all the different activities for the next 24 hours. Here’s a new hiding place! (And for you REAL multi-taskers, you could use the back as a mouse mat).

Oh, and I also like that you can just pick it up & chuck it in another bag. No repacking needed! (Although it does come in 5 sizes, so you just have one for each bag, AND in 5 colours – pink, red, blue, grey & black).

This is what it looks like empty:

Layer upon layer of rubberised woven elastic straps that will hold all your bibs & bobs exactly where you put them. Decluttering to the max! Let’s you organise your bag, your way. Let’s face it girls, our bags contain our lives!

I took it to my last playgroup session before we moved away to ask the other mum’s what they thought. Like me, they had never seen one before but thought it pretty cool. And handy.

Yep, it’s a “yes” from me.
Where do I get one, I hear you ask? Well, JB HiFi ( is the place to shop!

Or, you can enter my competition. I have one of these nifty Cocoon Grid-IT handbag organisers to give away. Want it?

Leave me a comment on my blog (not my Facebook page) telling me what needs organising in your bag and the answer we think is the best will win!

Please note, you must live in Australia to enter this competition. Closing date is 17 July 2012, so get cracking!

Yours in organised bliss,

Karen xx.

My disclaimer: I received a free Cocoon Grid-IT for the purposes of review. Opinions are my own.


5 responses to “What made my handbag (and me!) happy (it’s a giveaway)

  1. marybelle says:

    How brilliant to have a Cocoon Grid-IT handbag organiser to hold all the "I need to grab it fast" stuff. Yes, stuff. My handbag is full of it & the essentials always drop to the bottom: keys, lip gloss, pad & pen. I like clever!!marypres(AT)gmail(DOT)com

  2. MichVee says:

    With three kids aged seven and underMy handbags a mess, is it any wonder?There's the youngest one's dummies and snacks For when those tantrums or munchies attacksThere's notepads and pens, hair ties and keysNail scissors, chewing gum, and tissues for when I sneezeAs you can see, I really need this little deviceSo when I open up my handbag instead of a mess, it'll look nice!

  3. LisaW says:

    That handbag insert is amazing!! I seriously need one. I can never find what I'm looking for in my handbag. I swear I've lost weeks during my lifetime rummaging for keys, my phone, my purse (which is bright yellow and I still can't see it in there!).

  4. Bek Williams says:

    Id love to win this but being as disorganised as i am I may need you to come and organise it for me. And if you can find the bottom of my handbag i will be forever greatful. Just thinking, i may need two handbag organisers……cute product!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Will it hold baby wipes, disinfectant wipes, room deodoriser, hand sanitizer, isocol, deodorant, hairspray, iPhone, makeup bag, diary, business cards, panadol, spare nappy, hand cream, pens, keys….if it does then I desperately need one ..!!! Kim

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