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Real Women Can Too Be Sexy……

on February 6, 2012

Definition of sexy: sexually interesting or exciting; radiating sexuality; excitingly appealing (from; having sex appeal.

Check out this photo of some friends of mine:

Now, THAT right there, is sexy.

And what man wouldn’t find the ladies in this photo sexy?

All the men I know would.

Look at those beaming faces. Look at the joy at being in each other’s company. Look at the self confidence. Real women living real lives. (I can vouch for this as I know them all). They are just like us. Balancing a household, husband (including a soon to be), kids, work, study, the list goes on….

Do not let the media dictate what is sexy. We don’t need supermodels or magazines to subliminally put pressure on us to be a particular weight or eat particular foods.

Be comfortable with yourself. Be kind to yourself. Smile. Engage your self confidence. It shines.

Happiness is contagious.

It makes you sexy.

I couldn’t resist this next clip. By a bloke who gets better with age. He can leave his boots under my bed!

What do you think makes someone sexy?

Have a wonderful day. I will be out for lunch, celebrating being sexy on my 42nd birthday today!


Karen xx


2 responses to “Real Women Can Too Be Sexy……

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday Karen. Hope your feeling great today

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