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How You Know It’s Getting Closer to Christmas…..

on November 10, 2011

I know the Christmas decorations & confectionery start being sold in stores right after Father’s Day here in Australia, (I was SO excited when I spied the boxes in the stock area all those months ago at the supermarket I work at) but here are some other ways you know Christmas is finally getting closer…..

image from here

*  Christmas Carols playing on the instore music thingy (yeah, that’s a technical term).

* Hams are instore – yes, I know one can always buy ham at Woollies but there are signs around the place telling you to get your Christmas ham now! (But please finish reading me first).

* The paper towel rolls have Christmas designs on them!

* The nappies have Christmas designs on them! Check them out Here.

* The Christmas issues of all the food / house related magazines have hit the shelves, making me want to buy them all………anyone in PR want to send me a copy of the newest Better Homes & Gardens or Family Circle to review? We try a new recipe every year as part of our Christmas celebrations & I NEED each magazine to find just the right one.

* You wait eagerly for favourite blogger Tina Gray {dot} Me ‘s next Christmas related post (she started them 100 days prior to the big day).

I heard somewhere the other day that there is only 50 something sleeps until Christmas. I guess I had better start shopping!

What things make you realise Christmas is getting closer?

Karen xx


One response to “How You Know It’s Getting Closer to Christmas…..

  1. special 'k' says:

    I love Christmas I live for Christmas! I start getting The Special One excited about Santa! At three it is so innocent her wish list changes daily. Pop over to my place you have received a Special Award for your blog in appreciation of your support at my place. I hope I am able to share your blog with a few… Cheers SpecialK XoXo

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