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More Birthdays & Cakes in Our House…….

on October 23, 2011

We have 2 birthdays in a 6 day period in our house, so I have been baking for 4 days now, for Charlotte’s birthday Thurs, her party Sat & family over today to celebrate both hers and Zac’s birthdays. I still have more to go, with Zac’s actual birthday on Wed, then his party on Sat. But those cakes haven’t been decided yet. Here’s how I did these ones:

Quality control centre

Flower earrings (icing), white necklace, multi coloured bracelet, drop earrings & ring made from lollies
Yep, I made this cake……..proud much? lol

The girls made a loungeroom out of the leftover cake!

Such a beautiful bunch of young ladies – it was a pleasure to have them here.
Zac’s chosen cake:

I was SUPER proud of how this one turned out….Zac made the meringues & I did the rest

Zac & Charlotte just after blowing out their candles

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