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New term, new system. (I hope so anyway)

on October 10, 2011

Don’t you just love the whole change over into summer school uniform thing. Goes hand in hand with daylight savings, I reckon.

A new pace in life – hopefully a little more sedate than it has been so far this year.

A new attitude – does this issue really matter in the grand scheme of life?

A chance to tweak a few systems – slight changes to how things are done around here. Or more precisely, a slight change to who does things around here.

Yep, it’s started with the ironing. I am no longer going to iron the school uniforms. The teens can do that. I’ve told them to sort it out between themselves, if they want to do their own or take turns doing all of them. I will progress to them washing the uniforms too, but let’s not hit them with too much at once, hey!

Because I’m more than a bit “over” rushing around trying to be the perfect Mum & doing everything for everyone. I work until midnight, I get to bed around 2am, I get up about 7am & have to tell the kids to get ready. It’s time to look after me a bit more.

Oh, and I need breakfast in the morning. Not ironing!

And they need to learn to do stuff.

What jobs have you delegated to the kids to make life easier?

Karen xx

Picture from here.

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