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on July 23, 2011

I just read a post at Our Little Sins regarding irresponsible advertising and it reminded me of some inappropriate things we hear on the radio.

Like, as I commented on Kate’s post (that’s her Our Little Sins, above), the ads by the Australian Medical Institute on how they can help your man last longer in the bedroom………at 3:30 in the arvo, when all the kids are in the car on the way home from school.

What astounded me was that i98fm (a Wollongong) radio station played THAT song from the 1980’s by The Radiators – “Gimme Head”. At 10:30 am. On the school holidays. I had 4 kids (aged 4-15) in the car. We were on the way to the movies. I was horrified! Absolutely gobsmacked. I am not a prude, but there is a time and a place. I think that song should be restricted to night time airplay.

Thank God, none of them asked me what it meant!

Is there anything you have heard on the radio or seen on tv that has raised your eyebrows?

(Kate – I hope I have done the right thing in linking back to you – I thought your post should be shared. And I’m not into stealing anyone else’s work.)




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  1. Erin says:

    I dont like the adds for the adult ware house that they out on the readio in the mornings on the way to school ……the ons with helga hump alot and her husband i van talking about how helga likes lick lick ,i near crashed the car the other morning when i heard that.

  2. rambling mum says:

    ah yes! I forgot about that one! that's another to add to the dislike collection.

  3. Kate says:

    I'm not often in the car at that time but my goodness, that is just wrong! They must've figured there are lots of women listening to the radio at that time hoping they might prompt their men to get some help…Thanks for linking up… It's something that I knew would get me once I was a parent but didn't think it would be a company like Boost. I think I'm going to have to thicken my skin and toughen my resolve for when I get asked for something (or about something) that I don't like!

  4. rambling mum says:

    good luck Kate – it takes lots of patience and persistence – and it's really hard to resist because we want to spoil our kids & buy them treats. Sometimes I give in, sometimes I don't.

  5. Leimay says:

    Driving a car load full of impressionable 8-10 year old boys to Star Struck (a local collection of schools performance) we came across a bill board that could not be missed with the "Want Longer Lasting Sex" advertisement (yes it was 2-3 years ago now before they were banned) Of course you can imagine the giggles and chatter that was coming from them. I had to inform the teacher in charge of the boys on what they had seen and of course on the way home we also went past the sign and they remembered where it was so turned around and looked as we drove past, i'd have taken an alternate route had there been one under 30 minute extra driving time and already not getting back to drop off point for other boys after 11.30pm on a school night.I'm no prude and would not have had any issues with discussing it with my own son alone but with a car load of boys i was unwilling to discuss it with them without their parents consent. One child was not picked up by his parents that night and i got a rather concerned phone call by his mum the next day asking what the giggle at longer sex in my car was about. Took a lot to explain and i've noticed since then that child has not been in my car for any of the transporting to and from performances.

  6. rambling mum says:

    Leimay – hehehe!! that made me chuckle. at the fact that one of the kids has not travelled in your car since! sorry, I know that's wrong of me – I would hate to have been in your situation with all those boys giggling away in the car.

  7. Eloise says:

    A few weeks ago I was driving home from the school pick up with my 7 and 6 year olds and that "hair free laser"ad came on, you know the one with the "smooth cha-cha". My boys wanted to know what a cha-cha was! I was speechless and couldn't think of anything to say fast enough so I just kind of sat there going 'ummm, well, ummm'. And then yesterday I heard the ad come on again (it has quite a catchy tune) and to my horror I heard the kids singing 'you'll have a smooth cha-cha'!!!!

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