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Where I call myself Anti-Social

on May 1, 2011

I was chatting online to a friend the other night & was telling her how bad I feel for being anti-social & not getting out to see people. Thankfully, she understands how busy life can be. Hers is busy too.

I’m not claiming that I am the busiest person that ever lived, but I thought I would share a snaphsot of my life. The above photos are my calendar pages for the next 2 months, starting today. These are the commitments we already have. There are a couple of social occasions I haven’t put on there yet. Somewhere in there I need to fit washing, cleaning, shopping, cooking and actually playing with the kids (& my hubby!). And it doesn’t allow for other stuff that we don’t get much notice about. I think we have 3 days that have nothing written on them.

So, if you invite me to something & I say I can’t come, please don’t be offended – it means I have earmarked that time to spend with my family! Or it clashes with my schedule. I work nights, therefore I have to be home during the day to wash, clean, shop and cook. The things many Mums catch up on at night time. But please, still invite me, because it is also important for me to see my friends. And one day, our schedules will match up. But it will have to be a quick visit!

How’s your schedule looking?


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