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Friday Evening at Home……

on April 1, 2011

Just wanted to share a couple of happy snaps taken tonight……

Charlotte made a clock for Megan’s wall:

I think she liked it.

Words not needed

Liam ran a 1600m race today – looks very tired….

Impromptu Puppet Show with characters made at Playgroup this week

These are some of what I consider to be Life’s Simple Pleasures…..

What are your Life’s Simple Pleasures?


2 responses to “Friday Evening at Home……

  1. Bek Williams says:

    Wow, Megan is growing up! She does look very happy with her clock! Can I have one too????I love going to the ocean together! As well as seeing my kids happy! Dont know that I would find the energy for 4, but you do a fabulous job!!

  2. Bek you will be excited to know that some scrapping followed the clock making! School holiday picnic coming up – more simple pleasures – will pick a date during the week & let you know. We like the beach too but get there often enough for my liking……energy? hmmmm…..iron tablets help! xx

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