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Zac turns 15

on October 30, 2010

Our firstborn, Zac, turned 15 on 26 Oct. We had the family over a couple of days early since the 26th was a Tuesday, which is our busiest evening of the week.

I had to share the cake pictures. After all, I did it for the other two here and here.

The cake at the top is the one my mother-in-law brought over. That is her “thing” for all the birthdays (including mine!).

The guitar cake is one I bought & embellished with guitars. I did not have the time to risk any failures this time round!

The final pic is the four 15 year old deep voiced “men” whose stomachs we had the honour of filling. They all look keen for some cake here.

Zac is in the checked shirt. The two younger kids in the snap are also ours. Golly it was hard to keep those 4 big boys still long enough to take a photo!


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