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Kids can have such poor timing…..

on June 24, 2010

I can play Facebook & read blogs for half an hour whilst Miss Megan is watching a DVD. I don’t hear a peep from her.

Why is it that as soon as I start peeling the potatoes (picture dirty & wet hands), she does a big stinky poo, comes & asks me to make her a drink and demands a change of DVD to watch?! If I don’t tend to her straight away, she tries to fix it all herself. I don’t fancy having a naked pooey girl trying to pour herself a drink whilst attempting to shove a disc into the DVD player…….

You can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as I start mashing the spuds she will be asking for something else!

One of the joys of an almost 3 year old!

Do your kids do stuff like this too? Please tell me I am not alone!


One response to “Kids can have such poor timing…..

  1. Erin says:

    you are not alone Karen Charlotte is exactly the same and if i dont fix everything right away all hell breaks lose

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