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Nup! I’ve Got Nothing…..

on May 4, 2010

Sitting here trying to think of something witty, funny or entertaining to write about, but alas, I HAVE NOTHING!! Is this what they call writer’s block?! Yeah, lika I am a serious writer…..BAHAHAHAHA!!

Another week has flown by with the usual goings on……family, the school run, work, washing, cleaning, shopping, running out of stuff & having to go to the shops again…..and today was another special Tuesday = Grandma Day. Am enjoying a nice quiet night at home (a night off from work!)and neglecting to mop my floors, figuring they can wait until Thursday which is my next evening at home (unless I get called in to work).

Tomorrow brings a swimming lesson for Miss Megan followed by some meat shopping (often marked down on Wednesdays where I shop)then it will be time to catch up on sorting the folded clean washing & doing some more washing! The never ending cycle. I remember asking my aunty (married with 4 kids) about 30 years ago if she really washed clothes every day. I just couldn’t get my head around it! I’m sure Aunty Moya felt that most days she was tied to the washing machine! I’m sure we all feel like that sometimes!

And for today, that’s all I’ve got!

Karen xx


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